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Smarthistory wins NEH award

We are honored to have received a Media Production grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for our project, ARCHES (At Risk Cultural Heritage Education Series). Our cultural heritage defines our humanity. Cultural diversity, like biodiversity, plays a quantifiable and crucial part in the health of the human species….But cultural diversity is under grave […]

New content—from New York to New Zealand

Over the past two years (2015-16) Smarthistory published 335 videos and essays. This was made possible thanks to our extraordinarily generous academic contributors who share our mission to make art and cultural history accessible to a global audience. These new learning resources have so far generated 5,628,213 views. This work would not have been possible without the […]

How Smarthistory stacks up (and why museums should care about YouTube)

As part of our effort to assess Smarthistory’s effectiveness, we have begun to compare our reach against that of other providers of high-quality art history content on the web. Museums produce learning content that is broadly similar to that produced by Smarthistory. However, very few institutions come close to our increasingly global scope, number of […]

Come to: “The Ancient Cities of Uzbekistan: An Exploration into the Silk Road and its Architectural and Religious Heritage,” an illustrated lecture given by Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis (Smarthistory contributing editor) and George H. Lewis

Few images are more romanticized in the West than those of the Silk Road. Camel caravans laden with silk, carpets, and exotic spices have populated the western imagination since Marco Polo’s remarkable journey into China. However, the exchange on the Silk Road, or perhaps better the Silk Roads, was far more nuanced and complex. People […]