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Atlanta University Center Art History + Curatorial Studies Collective Internship Program

Smarthistory has collaborated with the AUC Art Collective for the past two summers to support Spelman College students during a summer internship with Smarthistory.

What is the AUC Art Collective?

“In 2018, the AUC Art Collective became the only undergraduate program in the nation built for students who are interested in diversifying the future of art museums and related industries. Operating within the largest consortium of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), the AUC Art Collective offers a BA in Art History and minors in Curatorial Studies and Art History to students at Spelman College, Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University.”

Summer 2021 AUC intern projects

During the summer of 2021, Zoe Joyner and Nadia Scott joined Smarthistory for a seven-week internship where they curated terms and definitions for AP content area glossaries and learned how to produce a Smarthistory educational video.

Nadia and Zoe started by reading and watching all Smarthistory content in an AP content area on Smarthistory’s Required Works for AP Art History guide, and collecting dozens of terms and definitions that would eventually become glossaries on Smarthistory. These glossaries, now public, are important supplemental learning tools for APAH teachers and students.

Samples from glossaries for AP Content Area 1: Global Prehistory, created with help from Nadia Scott, and AP Content Area 9: The Pacific, created with help from Zoe Joyner

Zoe and Nadia also got a crash course in how to produce a Smarthistory video, including tutorials on how to take photographs of an art object, how to edit photos of art objects, how to edit audio, how to do image research, and how to produce a video.

Zoe chose for her video project an Ndebele apron called an ijogolo from South Africa. One of the essential steps of creating a Smarthistory video is doing image research and selecting key images that will help contextualize the art object as it’s discussed in the audio. Browse some of her image research and selections below:

After researching and editing images and editing the raw audio conversation recorded between Smarthistory staff and/or other scholars, it’s time to put it all together in a video. Nadia’s video project focuses on an 18th century portrait of a woman from New Spain. Watch her final project below:

About the interns

Zoe Joyner

With a History major and Curatorial Studies minor, Zoe Joyner (Spelman College class of 2022) is interested in public history and telling stories that are missing through archives, exhibitions, and educational programming.

Nadia Scott

As of summer 2021, Nadia Scott (Spelman College class of 2024) is a rising second-year majoring in History and minoring in Curatorial Studies. Her interests include public history, history education, and the African diaspora in Mexico.

Summer 2020 AUC intern projects

During the summer of 2020, three Spelman students—Jordan Barrant, Janiya Douglas, and Haleigh Edmonds—conducted original research about the AUC to develop a mapping project using the Knight Lab’s StoryMaps JS. Their stories are below.

by Jordan Barrant

Jordan is a Spelman student from Boston, Massachusetts, who merges her interest in social justice with art history. As a member of the Atlanta University Center Art Collective, she engages with women’s studies and African Diaspora Studies with hopes to make art more accessible to her communities.

by Janiya Douglas

As of September 2020, Janiya is a third-year student at Spelman College majoring in Art History and minoring in Curatorial Studies. Her research interest are critical race and queer theory in visual culture and archives.

by Haleigh Edmonds

Haleigh is a graduating Art History major at Spelman. This map was inspired by a research interest for her exit thesis.