Mission Statement

Smarthistory Commons is a place for teaching and learning art history. It is a place to ask questions, model new collaborative working methods, embrace new methodologies, and gain new skills. It is a place for conversation. 

It is about open access, sharing, and expanding our community.

Open is one of Smarthistory’s core values. We collaboratively open our classrooms to create an open-educational resource (OER). All of our content is published with a Creative Commons share-alike, attribution, non-commercial license. Our Flickr account has more than 8000 images of commonly taught objects (offered with high-quality details and reliable metadata) and this resource continues to grow.

SHcommons builds upon what we’ve been doing since 2003—sharing teaching strategies and creating resources for anyone to use. Our hope is that SHcommons is a new way for us to share new strategies for engaging students with approaches, ideas, and material on Smarthistory. We want to use SHcommons to continue to open up and transform our art history classrooms.

And one more thing, we hope that SHcommons will help guide content development priorities on Smarthistory. Your needs are important to us.

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