New Smarthistory videos featuring two Metropolitan Museum curators

We are excited to announce that Smarthistory has published six new videos co-created with curators from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. These videos help to fill critical gaps in our coverage of the art of the Pacific Islands and the art of the ancient Maya.

We want to thank The Metropolitan Museum of Art for their generosity!

Here are links to the videos on Smarthistory, but they are also embedded below.

Maya (with Dr. James Doyle)

1. Mirror Bearer

2. Vessel with Mythological Scene

3. Chakalte’, Relief with Enthroned Ruler

Oceania (with Dr. Maia Nuku)

1. Fly Whisk (Tahiri)

2. Necklace, (Lei Niho Palaoa), Hawai’i

3. Bis Poles






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