We've been busy

Beth and I have been rather busy with smARThistory related activities. Last month we co-wrote “The Slide Library: A Posthumous Assessment in the Service of Our Digital Future.” for a forthcoming book titled, Teaching Art History with Technology: Case Studies (Cambridge Scholars Press). Despite the nostalgia and cynicism evident in the sub-section headers (Archimedean Point to Distributed Network; Our Attachment to the Slide Library; The Slide, Handmaiden of Modernism; Slide Library as Social Space; Why Did We Bother? Or A Short Rant On The Current State of Digital Access; and Social Research, Social Learning) our thesis is that the digital future is indeed very bright for those of us who teach with images. We just want an image repository that is also an active learning environment. And, rather surprisingly, we may have figured out how to take a big step toward this goal. We are working with our colleague Raymond Yee, a technology architect from UC Berkeley, you may remember that he was a speaker at our last conference where he discussed his wonderful creation Scholars Box. We’ll keep you posted, but right now we’d better get back to it.

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