Studio 360? Yikes, we're in FastCompany

Aimee Louise a freelancer currently working on a story for PRI and WNYC’s radio program Studio 360 interviewed us at the Metropolitan Museum of Art the other day. She was interested in the podcast as disruptive tool. Of course this is an idea that is close to our hearts and we chatted merrily about the potential of the podcast to stand against the traditional museum audio guide, the death of the textbook and such. She also got us thinking about how the museum may ultimately be reshaped by the power of technology. She recorded us recording a podcast of the New York Kouros, a very post modern moment as beth noted. We will let you know if and when this makes the airwaves.

Okay, we’re been a tad remiss. Here we are on the verge of real exposure to an audience far beyond art and art history and are we ready? Have we been busily uploading our latest and greatest? Well not exactly. We’ve been unusually quiet over the past couple of cold months. But no more!

Leslie Taylor of’s list of 12 Podcasts for the Creative Class lists smARThistory first in a very impressive list that includes knowledge@Wharton (yikes!), the Harvard Business Review’s IdeaCast (double yikes!), the BBC’s Digital Planet, Om and Niall’s Podsessions, Robert Scoble’s Scobleshow, Tom Rafferty’s Podleaders, Doctor’s without Borders, the Royal Ontario Museum, podcasts from the Delta Blues Museum, Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing, and the Gilded Fork’s own ReMARKable Palate.

Well, inclusion in such a list doesn’t go unnoticed and its not always good. Peter Merholz President of wrote,

I also like the idea of the art history dialogue “For the artist: smARThistory“, but they haven’t posted since November 2006 which is disappointing. Plus the artists they’ve chosen to talk about aren’t on the top of my list.

Of course adaptive path has 31 people (with titles) listed on its mast-head so two otherwise employed art historians can hardly compete. Nevertheless, he is right. And we will try to add more content more regularly. As for Mr. Merholz’s critique of our choices, I’d like to hear what he would rather we turn our attention to.

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  1. I am so happy that you’re going to add some new content. Your blog is such an inspiration!


  2. I’m also happy to hear this news!

    Also, I, too, have been remiss: I still have the minitapes of our trip to Italy, and haven’t digitized or streamed them.

    If I sent the tapes to you, could you send them back? Feel free to e-mail me, if you still want the raw video.

    Congrats on your expansion!

    Doug Tarnopol


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