The dog days of summer—new essays and videos

We were busy this summer publishing dozens of videos and essays from our very generous contributors.

We’re especially grateful to Mellon Fellows, Peri Klemm and Lauren Kilroy-Ewbank, for traveling with us to make content, and to Jeffrey Becker, who wrote three timely essays on the art and architecture of Palmyra.

Special thanks also to Melody Rod-ari and Linda Rodriguez for all their work last spring.

Our contributing editors have been absolutely invaluable (including Sarahh Scher, Rex Koontz, Kristen Chiem, Esperança Camara, Sally Hickson, Maya Jimenez, Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis, Bonnie Noble, Allison Young and Bryan Zygmont—full list here).

Below is a partial list of content from the past few months (you can always see the most recent videos on our YouTube page here):


Song Su-Nam, Summer Trees (by Hannah Sigur)
Mariko Mori, Pure Land (by Katrina Klaasmeyer)
Cézanne, The Card Players (by Ben Harvey)
Dürer, Melencolia (by Bonnie Noble)
Stuart, The Skater (by Bryan Zygmont)
Rubens, Elevation of the Cross (by Shannon Pritchard)
Hall of the Bulls, Lascaux (by Mary Beth Looney)
Kngwarreye, Earth’s Creation (by Allison Young)
Van Eyck, Ghent Altarpiece (by Sally Hickson)
Ingres, Grande Odalisque (by Bryan Zygmont)
Perugino, Christ Delivering the Keys to St. Peter (by Shannon Pritchard)
Kasuma, Narcissus Garden (by Danielle Shang)
Angkor Wat (by Melody Rod-ari)
White Temple and Ziggurat (by Senta German)
Osorio, En la Barberia no se Llora (No Crying Allowed in the Barbershop) (by Dr. Maya Jimenez)
Chairman Mao en Route to Anyuan (by Kristen Chiem)
Neshat, Rebellious Silence (by Allison Young)
Tutankhamen’s Tomb and Death Mask (by Elizabeth Cummins)
Mosque of Selim II, Edirne (by Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis)
Ai Weiwei, Sunflower Seeds (by Megan Lorraine Debin)
Goya, And there’s nothing to be done (from the Disasters of War) (by Christine Zappella)
The Forbidden City (by Ying-chen Peng)
Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye (by Malka Simon)
Forum and Markets of Trajan (by Jeffrey Becker)
Röttgen Pieta (by Nancy Ross)
Venturi, House in New Castle County, Delaware (by Matthew Postal)
Tlatilco Figurine (by Rex Koontz)
Ai Weiwei, Sunflower Seeds  (by Megan Lorraine Debin)
Palmyrene Funerary Portraiture (by Jeffrey Becker)
Temple of Baalshamin, Palmyra (by Jeffrey Becker)
Temple of Bel, Palmyra (by Jeffrey Becker)
and more coming very soon, including Titian, Pastoral Concert (by Esperanca Camara)

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