About Smarthistory

Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker—together with 200+ leading art historians, and museum partners—have created and published hundreds of short engaging conversational videos and articles, making Smarthistory one of the most accessible and extensive resources for the study of the history of art.


Smarthistory is the leading not-for-profit producer of open educational resources for art and cultural heritage. 

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Our attempt to describe Smarthistory:
We’re like a textbook, but we’re open and free
We do digital humanities, but our emphasis is on pedagogy
We’re like a textbook, but we integrate multimedia
We do digital humanities, but we are art historians
We’re an academic project, but with a broad focus
We’re like a textbook, but authors write in their own voice, like an anthology
We’re for students, but instructors and travelers use us
We highlight museum collection objects, but we’re trans-institutional
We’re on the web, but our content is distributed across numerous sites
We’re based in New York, but our audience is global
We used to teach 200 students, but now we reach millions

In December 2014 we received a generous grant from the Mellon Foundation to to support an initiative to accelerate production of high-quality teaching materials for global art history made available through Khan Academy’s Smarthistory platform.

Speaking engagements
Most recently, at:
Association of Art Museum Directors, Mexico City (2015)
Remix New York, Global Summit (2014)
ARLIS/NA 2014, Washington D.C. (2014)

If you’re an art historian interested in contributing to Smarthistory, email us.

drszucker [at] gmail.com
beth.harris [at] gmail.com

We’ve received support from or collaborated with:
The Samuel H. Kress Foundation
The Mellon Foundation
Google Cultural Institute
OER Commons
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The British Museum
The Museum of Modern Art
The Asian Art Museum
The American Museum of Natural History
The J. Paul Getty Museum

Award for Open Courseware Excellence (Open Courseware Consortium) (2012)
50 Best Websites, Time Magazine (2011)
Webby Award for Education (2009)




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